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Installation Instructions

To apply stickers to your car follow these easy steps:

  1. Determine where the sticker will go. It is not recommended to place them on retractable windows or in the path of wipers.
  2. Do not apply in extreme heat or cold weather conditions. Be sure the surface has not been in direct sun and too hot. Cold weather can affect application as well. We recommend at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit during application.
  3. Clean the application area on the outside of the window with window cleaner and dry thoroughly.
  4. If applying a set of multiple stickers, we recommend laying out a straight line of masking tape on the window for easier alignment.
  5. Peel the sticker off of the card, try to hold at the edges only. Align bottom of stickers with the masking tape that is on the window; be sure not to overlap the sticker onto the tape. If you are not using tape then visually align the sticker on the window.
  6. With one finger smooth sticker to window starting in the center and working outward.

Bubbles may occur, and are not considered a defect. Simply pop bubble with a straight pin and smooth. For future removal of old stickers use single edged razor blade (window only). For the longevity of the sticker, wait a couple of days before washing the car, and never scrape the sticker with a snow scraper.

Please contact us with any question about your vinyl sticker.